Strategy & Creative Direction

Our one-stop-shop approach to strategy and creative direction ensures that your marketing communications are seamlessly integrated throughout your event. Our world-class staff handles everything from marketing communications, online registration, to event management and production to create an event that is uniquely yours.

  • Event Business Plan Development

    Creating a sound business plan to both define the purpose and measure of success is key to maximizing your annual event strategy and budget. In support of that goal, EMP:

    • Leverages extensive industry experience with our research and consultative services, whether you have a single event, multiple events, or long-range event planning requirements.
    • Performs a comprehensive ROI analysis from the defined key objectives and expectations to outline cumulative cost efficiencies, which may include, but is not limited to, estimations of attendees and costs.
    • Develops audience acquisition and sponsorship strategies and packages.
  • Budget Management

    EMP ensures fiscal integrity and accuracy from the proposal to the final reconciliation with our comprehensive Program Billing and Management process. During this process, EMP:

    • Partners with you from the beginning to determine your budget content and expectations.
    • Outlines our agreed upon areas of responsibility:
      • Creates a line item budget for review and approval
      • Delineates transactions and costs clearly
      • Reviews the budget to ensure overall expenses are within expectations
      • Monitors and updates the budget as necessary with your express approval
      • Schedules a formal review of the final reconciliation with you at the outset of the project
  • Messaging & Content Development

    EMP adds value by partnering with you to develop the theme, creative concepts, agenda structure, and content details that align with your corporate messaging and branding. EMP:

    • Saves you significant time, labor and logistical costs by making production and scheduling decisions based on our collaboration with you.
    • Employs years of creative expertise to produce an event for you that is impactful and memorable.
  • Speech Writing & Coaching

    We offer several different levels of speech writing and coaching. Through this service, EMP offers tailored speeches and coaching plans that range from complete multi-day coaching to on-site rehearsal coaching.

  • Graphic Design & Collateral Development

    Our Art Directors and Graphic Designers create a suite of materials that are consistent in look and feel from the first Save the Date to the last slide in the final presentation. Our creative teams:

    • Tailor their work to your corporate branding guidelines.
    • Maintain graphic unity and integrity throughout the event.
  • Multimedia Production

    With writers and artists, our producers work with you to incorporate your messaging across a variety of media. We provide:

    • Speaker support graphics that enhance the presentation.
    • PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash, QuickTime, After Effects.
    • Opening video modules, 3-D, and projection mapping.
    • Special staging effects such as indoor fireworks, lasers, holograms, and DL3s.
  • Audience Acquisition Strategies

    We help to build and grow your audience. In employing our strategies, EMP:

    • Partners with you to develop a plan for optimum attendance goals.
    • Monitors the current Event/Meeting Industry trends to make recommendations that are relevant to your audience demographics and industry.
    • Supplies a turn-key audience acquisition strategy, which includes communication, timing, design and fulfillment.
  • Sponsorship Strategies

    EMP can bolster your program by attracting sponsors to fund and underwrite portions of your event. To grow and build sponsors, EMP:

    • Develops strategies for acquiring target sponsors for your event.
    • Designs and promotes sponsorship packages.
    • Collects and manages sponsor information for signage, website promotion, and deliverables.
    • Manages all sponsor and exhibit logistics:
      • Processes application
      • Invoices sponsorship fees
      • Manages accounting and deposits of sponsorship fees
      • Issues sponsorship codes for event registration
      • Handles all communication with sponsors
    • Tracks all sponsorship participations and provides weekly updates to your team.
    • Collects sponsorship fees and credit to final billing.
    • Provides a thorough accounting of all sponsorship revenues.
  • Executive Presentation Design

    We support and empower your presenters and executives in a variety of ways. With our presentation design services, EMP provides personal attention and focus through real-time, pre-show and on-site rehearsals to make the presenter confident and comfortable.