Event Planning

Extensive experience allows our event planning agency to produce consistently exciting and compelling events worldwide. Through time-tested processes and state-of-the-art technology, we can support intricate logistics and handle all facets of your event.

Our superior purchasing strength worldwide can be a significant benefit to your business. Through solid supplier relationships, negotiating skills, and pure volume, we are able to obtain significant discounts which we pass along to our clients.

  • Dedicated, Customer-Focused Employees

    It all starts here. EMP has a core staff of tenured, experienced professionals who are at the core of our success – and the ultimate success of your event or program. Our team comprises:

    • Owners who are hands-on, engaged, and involved in every aspect of the business.
    • Event Planners with years of experience in all types of events; recognition, incentive events, sales meetings, product launches, user group programs, training, seminars, executive conferences, employee events, and many more.
    • Producers who deliver video, graphics, speaker support, live talent, guest speakers, special effects, audience response, big name talent, and the latest state-of-the art interactive tools.
    • Creative directors, art directors, video directors, writers, graphic designers, and video editors who are chosen for your event or program’s specific needs.
    • Coordinators, assistants, support staff, admins and many other people whose main focus and drive is ensuring a flawless event, an ecstatic client, and the honor of working with you in the future.
  • Site Search & Contract Negotiations

    The meeting location, hotel and facilities have a considerable and consequential impact on your meeting. Our reputation is our currency and we draw on our extensive knowledge and relationships to provide:

    • Complete global site search capabilities and contract negotiations.
    • The best location for the best price.
  • Process & Timeline Management

    Quality events don’t just “happen.”  It all starts with the process and ours is as quality-driven as our events themselves. We provide:

    • A special project kick-off meeting to outline and present the big picture to all stakeholders.
    • A Master Production Schedule that marks all key dates and deliverables.
    • Weekly status meetings to confirm direction and any changes or issues.
    • Deadlines and deliverables that are adjustable to meet needs as they arise.
  • Hotel Management

    Handling the details, from site selection through venue billing reconciliation, is a necessary but time-consuming process. EMP saves you time by handling:

    • Housing and room block management.
    • Food & beverage development, management, and execution.
    • Function space management.
    • On-going communication with venues/hotels to ensure a logistically sound program.
    • Written program specifications per location.
  • Budget Management

    EMP ensures fiscal integrity and accuracy from the proposal to the final reconciliation with our comprehensive Program Billing and Management process. During this process, EMP:

    • Partners with you from the beginning to determine your budget content and expectations.
    • Outlines our agreed upon areas of responsibility:
      • Creates a line item budget for review and approval
      • Delineates transactions and costs clearly
      • Reviews the budget to ensure overall expenses are within expectations
      • Monitors and updates the budget as necessary with your express approval
      • Schedules a formal review of the final reconciliation with you at the outset of the project
  • Food & Beverage Management and Forecasting

    Our experience and attention to detail can maximize the planning and execution of the meals. We can oversee:

    • F&B guarantees.
    • Logistics like seating, timing, and room turn-arounds.
    • Consultations and decisions on menu and décor.
    • The creation, development, and execution of special events food & beverage needs.
  • Value-Add Cost Control

    EMP delivers considerable cost savings in four main areas:

    • Cost Containment
      EMP develops a budget with your guidance. We then monitor and adjudicate any cost over-runs, with your oversight. No extra charge is billed without your express approval.
    • Cost Management
      Our volume of business within the industry allows us the leverage to negotiate fees, equipment, and services at discount rates.
    • Rebates
      Unlike most of our competitors, we pass along all discounts and commissions that we receive from our suppliers.
    • Pricing Plan
      We tailor-fit to your expectations. Our Fee-for-Service budget plan ensures savings reflected in our partnership are not eaten up by mark-ups and surprise project change orders.