Attendee Registration Experience

At its core, our event registration services team provides your attendees with a seamless transition from pre-event to on-site. We support this goal by creating a platform for registration that is an extension of your existing branding and corporate message. Our best-in-class website design and programming divisions make this all possible by delivering responsive designs tailored for the increasingly important realm of mobile devices.

EMP utilizes eTouches and Certain as our primary registration platforms. Our customer support and call centers offer extended hours to accommodate the global scope of our services. Foreign language adaptation is also available, on our web platform as well as for customer service. We are proud to announce that our eco-initiative encompasses all aspects of registration, from email barcode confirmations, to the use of recycled badge stock and bio-degradable badge holders.

Once on-site, let our modern check-in experience system offer your attendees the fastest and easiest way to start their event. No more waiting in interminable lines, just to get your badge and conference material. Now, event goers can simply walk up to a terminal, scan or enter their confirmation information, and be on their way. By eliminating the usually tedious check-in process, the attendees are able to start their event with a positive experience that will set the tone for what’s to come.

Lead retrieval and session scanning are vital components for tracking participation and exhibitor attendance. Our scanning technologies make data collection simple, available in real time, and can provide access control. We support Thermal Badge Printing, CR80 Cards, all Barcode formats, NFC, as well as UHF RFID for all your scanning needs. This system is an integral aid in maximizing the control and organization of your event data, to better service your attendee experience on-site and for future events.