Been There, Try This: Intro

Been There, Try This: Beyond the Top International Corporate Event Destinations When hosting a destination event, don’t be ordinary. In this series we show you extraordinary global event destinations. When planning a corporate event (or any event for that matter), the goal is to impress and to create a memorable experience. A simple Google search of “global event destinations” returns pages upon pages of blog posts and articles with generic information that every other company, including your competition, is probably referring to. 

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Facebook Live for Event Audiences

  With approximately two billion users, Facebook offers event organizers access to the biggest community in the digital landscape. The appeal of using Facebook Live is that with just a cell phone and tripod, suddenly your event has a broadcast that offers a sea of possibilities.   

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Event Security After Manchester

  It’s easy to become complacent about security - you get irritated when asked to produce a laminate yet again, or maybe you don’t see why you have to wait in line to get your bag screened. As planners, it’s a crucial role you have to get attendees and the public at large to recognize that security is performing a vital service to protect them.  

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