The data shows that female-run organizations perform better! As a certified Women's Business Enterprise, EMP stands proudly on #InternationalWomensDay with two female executives at the helm. "As a certified Women's Business Enterprise, we want to expand our business to corporations looking to produce exceptional events, as well as those committed to the continued development of their corporate diversity programs." Ellen Michaels, Owner & CEO of Ellen Michaels Presents, Inc. 

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Been There, Try This: Intro

Been There, Try This: Beyond the Top International Corporate Event Destinations When hosting a destination event, don’t be ordinary. In this series we show you extraordinary global event destinations. When planning a corporate event (or any event for that matter), the goal is to impress and to create a memorable experience. A simple Google search of “global event destinations” returns pages upon pages of blog posts and articles with generic information that every other company, including your competition, is probably referring to. 

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Millenial Business Travelers' Habits

  Every generation, for better or worse, is a disruptor. And there may be no industry more poised to take advantage of disruptive millennial trends than the field of business and event travel.  

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Ellen Michaels Presents Appoints Director of Business Development

  Ellen Michaels Presents Appoints Director of Business Development FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Silicon Valley, CA (September 12th, 2017) – Renowned corporate event management, production and communications company, Ellen Michaels Presents, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lindsey Passen as Director of Business Development.

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Creating Device-Free Meetings

  Head into any meeting and you’ll see the same thing: people surreptitiously checking their smart devices while tuning out of the conversation that’s happening right in front of them. Anyone running a meeting finds it hard to not get frustrated or take it personally when the people in front of them are visibly somewhere else.  

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Benefits to Offer Event Sponsors

  Securing event sponsorship is not as straightforward as it once was. Sponsors demand more information than ever to secure their investment for events. Digital advertising has also changed multiple aspects in the industry. The abundance of data and analytics in the digital world has greatly influenced how sponsors measure success in the real world.  

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